I would like to order a painting. how can I do that?

Commissioning an oil painting is very simple. Please follow these simple steps below.

  • As a first step, you will need to find some good photos of your subject(s) or to take some quality new ones.
  • Then you decide how many subjects you want to appear in the painting and choose its length, background, style, orientation, and canvas size.
  • I will need you to write a brief description of your own ideas about the painting.
  • Then you will send me an email with your details by completing the PORTRAIT COMMISSION ORDER FORM.
  • After receiving your email I will contact you to discuss your order, payments and completion time. 
  • I will send you the required paperwork to sign and you will pay the first instalment (the deposit of 20%) of the full payment we agreed.
  • I will start working on the painting and it will be completed within the agreed time frame. Usually between 4 to 6 weeks.
  • You can continuously keep track of your order and see the completion process by receiving weekly email updates.
  • You will get an email notification when the painting is completed. 
  • If we are both happy and satisfied with the painting then you will transfer the remaining part of the full payment.
  • After receiving your final payment I will send you the painting with recorded delivery.


What size of canvases could I choose from?

You can choose any size combination from the drop-down list in the order form or you can choose a custom size. To choose your own dimensions in the order form please choose 'custom' option from the drop-down list and describe the dimensions of the painting in the 'your comment' box. 


In the order form, you show canvas size as 50x70 cm but I would like the canvas size the other way around with 70x50 cm. What should I do?

Please specify the orientation of the painting from its drop-down list. It can be either vertical (50x70 cm) or horizontal (70x50 cm). The orientation of the painting is determined by on which side of the canvas is longer. In this case, choose canvas size of 50x70 cm and choose 'horizontal' as the orientation.


Can I order a reproduction or duplication of a famous painting?

Yes. Simply find the photograph of the famous painting you like, upload it and choose your options. I have already provided high-quality fine art reproductions to a wide variety of people who wish to enjoy classic art at a reasonable price.


Is there any restriction on the artistic themes I can choose from?

I do not accept orders for pornographic, religious and military themes.


Is it possible to view the painting process? 

During the course of completion, I will take a number of good quality photographs and I will send them to you by emails. You will be welcomed to make your opinion, make suggestions and to approve the finished work.


Do you offer other than portrait painting? 

Yes. I am specialised in portrait, landscape, still life, reproduction and posthumous painting. Please check out my portfolio for all the styles I work with and please let me know if you have any special requirements.


How long does it take the painting to be completed? 

It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks and it all depends on the size of the artwork. The approximate time for completion of a painting with a canvas size of 50 x 70 cm = 4 weeks, 60 x 80 cm = 5 weeks, 80 x 100 cm = 6 weeks and 180 x 100  cm = 8 weeks.




What kind of photos do I need to send you?

I will need a clear, sharp and detailed photo to work from. A quality photo with high resolution is the best. If you have trouble finding good photos, I recommend you to take some good quality photos if possible. You can plan your photos through this process. Choosing the background, the lighting and the clothing of the subject(s) and when it's all set and done, take photos from different angles and heights in daylight from a tripod or from a fixed object. Please make sure that the camera is set to take high-resolution images. Remember, the photograph replaces the person who would otherwise sit in front of me.


What if I don't like the dress of the subject in the photograph or the person in the photo is not smiling. Can you change them?

Yes of course. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.


What types of photo files do you accept?

I can accept photographs in a number of popular formats (.jpeg, .png, .gif, .bmp, .tiff).  It needs to be detailed, focused with a high-resolution. Set your camera to the highest resolution.


What is the maximum file size I can upload?

The maximum photo file size that You can upload is 10MB.


My photograph is not in a digital format. What can I do?

If you do not have your own scanner you need to take it to a local printer, photo shop or internet coffee. They can do it for you.


I can't decide which photograph will make a better portrait. Can you help me with that?

Yes. Please send me the photographs that you are considering and I will make a recommendation on which photo would make a better portrait, and why. If in any doubt simply email me the images(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and I can let you know whether they would work well or not. 


Can you restore old photos or colourize black & white photos?

Yes. If you have a black & white photo and you want me to paint it in colour, please mention it in the 'your comment' text box that appears during the order process underneath the area where you choose your painting parameters. 


Can you add or exclude details from my photographs?

Yes. I can place additional subjects into the painting like a pet for an example or I can exclude subject(s) if necessary. Please mention it in the 'your comment' text box that appears during the order process underneath the area where you choose your painting parameters. 


Can I choose a different background for the painting other than the background from the main photo?

Yes. The paintings' background can be either from the main photo or from another photo or you can choose 'custom' from the drop-down list and give your description of the background in the 'Your comment' section. We will discuss it further after I receive your order.


What materials do you use and what techniques can you apply?

I use photos with high-resolution for oil on canvas paintings. I graphically outline the subject(s) using monochrome techniques and it is followed by the development of the entire elaboration. See some of the examples of the monochrome techniques I apply on canvas here.




How much does a custom painting cost?

Painting fees will depend on the size and number of subjects in the piece, as well as the background and style you choose.  I welcome you to contact me or request a quote for your custom -made-painting by filling out my order form

* This month special offer! Order your painting with dimension 60 x 80 cm for the price of 50 x 70 cm.


When do I have to pay and what guarantees do you offer?

After you have sent me your order by completing the order form. I will make an initial contact with you by email or by phone at your own convenience to further discuss the process. After our discussion, if we both agree I will send you a contract agreement to sign. You will then be asked to pay the first instalment (the deposit of 20%) of the full payment. The second instalment due after I completed the painting but only if you feel satisfied with the artwork. I will send you regular weekly updates of the painting process by email.  


What payment methods do you accept?

You can pay online through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards from Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


What are the shipping costs?

Shipping cost is calculated upon receipt of your order and It will be stated in your contract.




How would be the painting delivered: framed or unframed?

Shipping an oil painting is safer without frame and shipping costs are much cheaper. I let my customers choose the frame to match their interior decoration. I would advise you to take the painting to a local framing shop where a wide range of frames available.


How much does delivery cost?

I offer free worldwide deliveries when the value of the purchase is £4000 or more. In the case when the value is less than £4000, the cost of delivery will be set according to UPS or DHL fees.


What delivery methods do you use?

I employ services of such transportation companies as DHL or UPS, the indubitable leaders in transportation market with immaculate reputation.


Can I track my order once it has been shipped?

I will e-mail you a tracking number of your order on the same day your painting has been shipped.


How is a portrait packed for delivery?

Every artwork is packed manually in ultra-strong materials, applying special technologies, and then, rolled in a special tube and carefully transported to its destination.


Do you accept international orders?

Yes, I do. Please choose your country location when you filling out the order form so I can give you an accurate shipping quote. You will provide me with your exact delivery address after I processed your order and made an initial contact with you. I send portraits by insured airmail delivery. That way, even if the artwork is lost in transit (which has never happened so far!) either a full refund can be issued, or I can redo the portrait for you at no extra cost.




What if I do not like my painting?

The painting won't be shipped until it has been approved by you. Read more in Terms and Conditions.